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The Heat Is On

Posted on June 27, 2015 at 12:20 AM

Like the steam rising from the streets on this hot June morning, so does the Robin Eye Window Cleaning Crew ready to take on any project! Within the next few days we will be closing in on the half-way mark for 2015, and all I can say is Congratulations! To the men and women who have elevated this company and themselves, thank you! To the customers who keep coming back season after season, God Bless You! and to all our brand new customers who have given us the chance to impress them too, we love you! To this years Robin Eye Window Cleaning Softball Squad, we're rooting for you! Now that I have a minute to speak openly, let me be frank. This year we have had the amazing oportunity to expand our service list and service region. We are no longer strictly Lethbridge Alberta's Premier Professional Window Cleaning Company...We have introduced Lethbridge to a "New Era" of clean......this Era i speak of is the CYCLONE Autoscrubber and Buffer! Commercial Floor Cleaning and Strip and Wax. Like the Phoenix from the ashes you will see your old dirty, dusty, and dull vinyl flooring regain it's luster! You'll be blinded by its reflection and you'll be astonished by it's "Wet Look". With our crew of seasoned Strip and Wax Technicians you'll find comfort in our organized approach and be put at ease by our love for communication. Take the first step this year and book your commercial floor cleaning work with Robin Eye Window Cleaning and Janitorial to see the difference full time employees and brand new equipment makes!


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